Consulting & Management - Technical Services

Hire your independent professional for your power plant and marine facilities

A professional support and technical advice can be the key of a successful operation, specially in the area of maintenance, troubleshooting and project execution.
A well trained and guided team is reflecting positive results in the daily performance which on the long term protects the asset and investment of any company.

InCoMan LLC Consulting and Management – specializes in developing and providing excellent services to enhance your company’s efficiency, effectiveness and overall performance.
Our mission is to exceed your expectations by providing tangible value and delivering optimal results.
Our goal is to deliver continuous customer service, support and satisfaction through our work ethics, compliance and standards.

an expression of courage, accountability and honesty

thinking of expertise, experience and background

the standard practice to provide quality service to our clients

proficiency to provide and accomplish projects in a timely, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner for optimal results

the availability of full information to collaborate for the customer success of any project

best services and quality for being precise to deliver success

fairness and uprightness to meet the needs of our clients